Tips for buying a leather jacket

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  • April 11, 2017
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Leather jacket is a classic, and we all know that it goes well with other basics like jeans and black pants. Just wearing a leather jacket on any outfit, gives it an edgy twist. You do not need to be a biker, a rock star, Goth, metal head or punk to include a leather jacket in your wardrobe. If you want to add that charismatic flavor to your style, you just need to go and get one.

Investing in a leather jacket is a must for the fashion conscious you. But, what is your style? What kind looks the best on you? Do you go for oversized? Maybe bombers will do the trick? Thinking in a more cropped fashion? Or, the Boho fringe it is! Get it wrong and you will regret the impulse purchase for years to come.


As said earlier, leather jacket adds instant edge to any outfit to lift it up a notch. But it is also important to choose a proper style. Always go for a style that could work best with the rest of your wardrobe. You have got number of options available in market to choose from. Then let it be the classic double rider biker, motorcycle, bomber, cattleman or fatigue jacket.

The most famous among these is the classic double rider biker jackets. This jacket gets its distinct look from the flared collar feature and spreading lapels with snaps to tighten. It comes with an asymmetric zip which runs at an angle, and is generally associated with rough look. Yet these jackets can match up nicely, as long as it is not too heavy on snaps, buckles, and other flashy bits.

Whereas if you want to incorporate a sportier look, then turn towards the moto racer jacket. These streamlined jackets comes with small snap button collars. The colors offered are also incorporated for that sportier look. But if you choose a neutral color or black, these leather jackets can even turn out to be the dressiest option for any occasion. The taller guys can enjoy these jackets in any style, but if you are short than avoid heavy visual breaks.

Bomber jackets may be a good option for those who are interested in casual leather jackets. These jackets are waist-length and are thickly lined with elasticated collar, to keep the wearer warm and protected. These bombers are basic at design with zip in the front and roomy pockets to keep your essentials handy. As the padding will bulk out your frame, so if you seem to pack on a few pounds you might want to give this one a miss.

There are countless other options available in leather jackets. One of them is a cattleman jacket, thigh-length and button-front coats, with slight flare at waist. Other is the fatigue jacket, little loose, with big flap pockets and soft collars. These fatigue jackets are cinched at waist or sometimes belted. When considering the length of jacket, fatigue jackets are only the exception to the rule that leather should never be hanged lower than your hips.

Select a color

Selecting a color comes down to your preference, but as we all know, no one can go wrong with black. You can even go with some neutral colors like brown, camel, ivory or beige color. Yet, if you are feeling adventurous then try something in red. Girls can try this year’s darling Marsala (an earthy wine red) or pastel sorbet colors for a change.

Body Type

Skinny and guys should look for elasticized waistband to cinch below the gut and emphasize the shoulders. Whereas, larger guys if you don’t want to catch much attention to your expanded dimensions, then shun the elastic waistbands and wrist straps. A regular fit jacket would do the trick for you.

Whereas girls have to look for completely different factors depending on their body shapes. If you have a rectangular or straight body, details are the most important things you need to find like buckles, studs, zippers and other such elements. You can also go for bright pastel colors for a complementing look. The one with hourglass figure can thankfully go with any jacket of their choice, but the one ending at your waist line would help you flaunt more of those amazing curves. Those with pear shaped body should go for double breasted style to create more volume on the upper half and a narrow waist.

Great Fits

A poorly fitted jacket is a fashion faux pas, no matter how good the quality and style be. A good jacket is the one which looks and feels like a second skin. You need to find a fit that goes with your frame. Leather is difficult to alter, so go for a good fit right at the first go.

Your leather jacket should make you feel comfortable. There ought to be just enough space to move arms freely. Whereas when we talk about sleeves, they should not come down or be longer than your wrists.

You always need to get accurate measurements of your body and keep them up to date. For men, your chest size and sleeve lengths are of most importance. Whereas for women be sure your jackets don’t slag down your waist and sleeves should rest just below the wrist when standing upright.

Always refer to a sizing chart, because that can give you a perfect idea of sizes. Never ever depend on the sizes of clothes you are using, as the measurements can vary among two brands. The best way to avoid any size nuisance, is to go custom for a perfect fit. Custom clothes are made to your order or at least altered to your fit. So these could be a reliable option for a great fit.

Hope these factors help you shop for your favorite leather jacket. Add smart and elegant appearance to your persona by adding a leather jacket in your wardrobe that looks best on you. So what are you waiting for, just get one online for yourself now.


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