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5 Leather Fashion Faux Pas to Avoid Today

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  • April 11, 2017
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In the chaos of your everyday life, often your sense of style takes a back seat. Whereas, it is the first and foremost thing one notices in you. As per the recent studies, people judge you in the first 30 seconds of meeting you. Even without talking to you, they make their opinionated first impression about you. So dressing inappropriate or making fashion blunders is a big NO!

Taking a dig on your personal styling, you should always dress as per the event you’re in. It should neither be too conservative nor too loud. Your dressing must convey that you are approachable in right ways.

In this feature, LeatherRight enlists 5 leather fashion faux pas that you need to avoid from today itself.

1) Avoid Too Much Matching

It’s great to match the color of your belt and shoes. But applying the same principle on your leather bag and leather watch is just not acceptable. Too much of identical colors in your leather wear can cause a blunder, if not paired correctly.

Style experts at LeatherRight suggest – if you’re styling in dark brown shoes and belt, then go for camel color bag or a different shade of brown. And if you’re styling in black shoes and belt, then opt for dark brown or grey colored tote in leather.


2) Avoid All Leathery Look

A piece of leather wear can uplift the overall ensemble of your outfit and can make you look like a rockstar. Same is the effect of leather pants and leather shoes. But make sure you don’t pair them all at once, unless you want to dress up as Elvis Presley at a retro themed party. Also, layering leather over leather that is a leather bomber over leather shirt have high chances of causing fashion disaster.

Style experts at LeatherRight suggests – Leather makes a cool combo with denim or sequin. Whereas, if you wish to include it in your formal wear then pair leather with linen and cotton.

3) Avoid Ill Fitted Leather Outfit

It’s a patent rule to wear one size bigger than your actual size, no matter what your body type is. But it is just not acceptable when you’re styling in leather. Reason being, fabrics like georgette, silk, etc. have a property of sticking to your body, whereas leather doesn’t have a fall of its own. It will remain stiff on your frame, making you appear even more bulky than your actual size.

Style experts at LeatherRight suggests – getting your standard leather outfit tailored as per your ideal body size. As we all are differently built, a mass produced clothing won’t fit us all in the same way.

4) Avoid Too Much of Flesh

In the point ahead, we have nailed it to stay away from oversized leather outfit. But here we modify our words by stating too much of fitted clothing is meant to be avoided. As it can sometimes draw attention towards unnecessary sites like over bulging neckline or popping out waist tucks.

Style experts at LeatherRight suggest – not to let your leather apparel appear as body squeezing outfit. A bit of cleavage flaunting is acceptable but don’t flash it out and loud. Leave some action for imagination.

5) Avoid Water Cleansing

Leather possesses long lasting characteristic, is a half said statement. Actually, you need to clean and condition it at regular intervals to make it durable for a longer period of time. Using water drenching method for cleansing purpose is a big NO, as this step might further led leather into fungus rotting.

Style experts at LeatherRight suggest – wiping off the exterior of leather with a soaked cloth or damp sponge in a mild soapy solution and later patting it dry with a soft cloth. Engage in this type of cleansing once in a year for removing stains. And to remove the sweaty smell from it, you can simply air it out and let the leather breathe.

When high end fashionistas and celebrities can commit fashion faux then people like you and we are easy prey. For times like this, just keep the listed points in mind and dress it out at your best. After all, first impression is the last impression and you got to make the good one!



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How to choose a leather dress based on your personality

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